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As the leading pet therapy organization in South Florida, we are constantly recruiting new therapy teams (handler and dog) to provide services in a wide variety of facilities and population-specific programs. Our specialties are recruiting and training teams to work with children, special needs adults and children, patients undergoing physical, occupational, and recreational therapies; and partnering with community organizations to customize programs. Click here to learn more about becoming a C.A.T-certified therapy team.

Many individuals also come to Canine Assisted Therapy wanting to volunteer but either don’t have a dog or their dog may not be suitable for pet therapy work. In addition to participating as part of a therapy team, there are many other ways for volunteers to help C.A.T. achieve its mission:

  • Evaluators – help C.A.T. certify new therapy teams! Evaluations are held monthly and volunteers are always needed to assist with the evaluation process.
  • Spotters – assist therapy teams working with large groups of children or special needs individuals. Spotters help keep the children organized and attentive and monitor the handler and dog’s body language to look for stressors. The spotter is a “second set of eyes” and can make recommendations on how to relieve stressful situations. Some therapy dogs, for example, need more frequent breaks, whereas others are more effective with fewer children. Spotters must be aware at all times and prepared to step in to help however needed.
  • Committees – new committees are developing as the organization continues to grow. We encourage our volunteers to be the voices of these committees and to help shape the future of C.A.T.
  • Fundraising & Special Events – C.A.T. hosts many special events throughout the year and is always in need of help when planning and executing these events.

If you have a special skill or interest and would like to support C.A.T., we have an opportunity for you! Please contact our Volunteer and Program Coordinator, Aneysi Fernandez, at aneysi@catdogs.org to register for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation.

To Our Volunteers

The profound effect our volunteers have on those they serve is unmatched. The gentle touches and nuzzles from our C.A.T.-certified therapy dogs, and the kind words and simple smiles of our volunteers, can mean so much to someone who is struggling with pain, loss, sickness, or just needs a friend. Our volunteers give those they serve hope and can make someone’s day more bearable because they...

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"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." - Andrew A. Rooney

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